Jinn S. Kim

Jinn S. Kim writes:

“Monchips are so good it’s difficult to just eat one. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch…and with a cup of coffee or milk.…ok, I’m kinda craving it right now!”

Amy Chang

Amy Chang writes:

“Monchips are a guaranteed day-brightener for me! I love having them with a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbly. Can we say ‘Instant Win??’”

Amy Chang

Elizabeth Gans writes:

“Monchips with coffee for breakfast, Monchips as dessert at Lunch, Monchips as appetizer with Dinner, and of course an apple as a midnight snack—NOT! Monchips all the way!!!”

Rebekkah Ross

Rebekkah Ross writes:

“My boyfriend and I have a great relationship. What’s his is mine and what’s mine is his…except for my Peanut Butter Monchips. Step away from the bag, buddy!”

Aidan Conley

Aidan Conley writes:

“My favorite dessert is crushing Monchips over chocolate ice cream. MMMMMM. I want some now!”

Aidan Conley

Gabe Conley writes:

“My sister and I always fight over who gets to eat the last White Chocolate Monchips cookie. Good thing I have fast hands!”