Order Monchips

For deliveries in Manhattan, special orders and orders of our new 4oz. bags or 2oz. event bags, please call us at (646) 926-1168 or email info@monchips.com.

Minimum order for shipping is 1lb. Shipping in the Continental U.S. only. Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico not included.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Monchips

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

This was the original Monchip creation combining the delicious flavors of semi-sweet chocolate and coffee liqueur.

No Chip Monchips

No Chip

This is the plain Monchip, meaning No Chip at all, but loaded with walnuts and liqueur which makes this anything but plain.

White Chocolate Monchips

White Chocolate

This Monchip combines the sublime taste of white chocolate and liqueur, which caramelizes during baking, creating an extra crunchy texture and delightful taste.

Bittersweet & White Chocolate Monchips

Bittersweet & White Chocolate

This Monchip is the delicious combination of two opposing tastes tempered by liqueur creating a uniquely new flavor of its own.

Peanut Butter Monships

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter chips and liqueur combine to create a down-home Monchip.

Butterscotch Monchips


The combination of butterscotch chips and liqueur makes this Monchip sumptuously delicious.

Assorted Monchips


A delicious assortment of all the Monchip flavors: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, No Chip, White Chocolate, Bittersweet & White Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Butterscotch.